Supper Bowl

It’s the day after the big day and though I’m not a football fan, I’m pretty disappointed in the 49er’s.  Usually I’m not one to place bets on sporting events, but since I was sure I was going to win this one, I decided it might be fun to have a friendly bet with my husband.  Now Eric usually places bets with my mom, she usually wins, so I guess I figured the luck would run in the family…not so much (she lost a bet against him this time too).    Since we share a bank account, money bets were out the question, so we came up with of course the next obvious gamble which was loser has to make and clean up dinner for the whole week, winner chooses the menu without consult of the loser.  A fine bet if I may add, unless you’re the loser, which if you already hadn’t guessed, I was.

I have to give Eric credit for variety in his menu.  There won’t be dull dinner in this house all week.  Tonight was pizza night,the easiest and fastest menu of the week, probably chosen as such because we needed to go grocery shopping after work.   I feel like such a slacker when I don’t make my own pizza dough, but lack of time meant it was pre made dough all the way.



As you can see we went super simple on the toppings as well. (Pay no attention to the Christmas table runner, I’ll get around to changing that before Spring…maybe).

Tomorrow is pork chop night, a new recipe too!  I’m hoping it comes out good, the recipe looks delicious.

I have a sink full of dishes calling my name…I have a feeling this is going to be a really long week…


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