Recipe Gallery

LambChopsRibsDinnerFilets cake2raviolidinner skilletravioliPastawithspinachHamLoafSanFranPorkQuiche Chicken and AvocadosausageLasagnaSloppyJoe2ShrimpandFetaFajitas JambalayaLoMeinPorkChopwFennelPizzaChickenParmDinnerChickentacoBuffaloAntiPasta SaladPotstickersAntipasti Saladeb9176ba22f011e2b0c912313b089111_6644136_10100620562998847_1950713196_n Asian Style Pork ChopsChicken burger with avocado, turkey bacon and garlic "mayo" with a side of baked onion rings.237f64d8006411e2bed91231380ffeeb_6Chicken Pesto PizzaNot So Dirty RiceSLoppy JoeFish TacosRoasted ChickenChicken With Garlic aa47c85cfb9b11e19e0522000a1e8894_6 323ceed8fe0111e1ab3822000a1e9632_6Pay no attention to the chicken sausage, we'll pretend it's tofuCrisp Pear TartPancake Dippers!CupcakeDSC01155


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